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NuBites™ Tipsheets

NuBites™ tipsheets in their entirety, can be posted on your agency's FaceBook page for use with your clients. Photography, text and/or clipart cannot be separated from NuBite™ tipsheets and reproduced. “©Nutrition Matters Inc. must be included on posts.    


Apple Dipping - English and Spanish - English - English Social Media Image - Spanish Social Media Image



Does Your Child Want To Snack All Day Long? - English and Spanish - English - English Social Media Image - Spanish Social Media Image

Roasted Zucchini & Tomatoes - English and Spanish - English English Social Media Image - Spanish Social Media Image



Simply Sweet Corn English and Spanish - English  - English Social Media Image - Spanish Social Media Image 

Butternut Squash - English and Spanish - English - English Social Media Image Spanish Social Media Image



Summer Tomatoes - English and Spanish - English  - English Social Media Image - Spanish Social Media Image

Cucumber Dip - English and Spanish - English  - English Social Media Image - Spanish Social Media Image



Berry Smoothies - English and Spanish - English  - Social Media Image 

Summer Berry Picking - English and Spanish - English  - English Social Media Image 



Roasted AsparagusEnglish and Spanish - English  - Social Media Image

Oatmeal - an easy whole grain - English and Spanish - English  - Social Media Image 



Choose Lean Meats - English and Spanish - English  

A Child's Garden - English and Spanish - English



Top Ten Fruits & Veggies for Kids - English and Spanish - English 

Save Money with EggsEnglish and Spanish - English



FajitasEnglish and Spanish - English 

In The Grocery StoreEnglish and Spanish - English 



Healthy and Happy Family English and Spanish - English 

Easy Wraps - English and Spanish - English



Beef and Bean Chili - English and Spanish - English

Frozen Veggie Bargains English and Spanish - English


NuBites™ tipsheets are reproducible, in part or whole, for use with your clients. Copies may be made for educational purposes only, and under no circumstances may they be sold. The name "Nutrition Matters Inc." and copyright must appear on all copies. If using part of the publication (recipe, article), please include "Nutrition Matters Inc. - reprinted with permission" on document.

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Nutrition Matters Inc. is not responsible for the use of information in the NuBites™ tipsheets. The material provided is for informational purposes only. Nutrition Matters Inc. does not make any representations about the suitability of these materials for other purposes. Nutrition Matters Inc. shall have no liability whatsoever for use of these materials.

Updated August 1, 2017


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