Share Education Digitally!

Our digital education sharing platform -

ONE - transforms the Nutrition Matters education materials you love into digital education that you can share in just a click. 

See how ONE can modernize the education experience for staff and clients!

Clinic Education Tools & Visuals

Client Education Articles & PDFs

Imagine you and your staff having access to an extensive library of educational tools and visuals that can be used as part of in-person or remote appointments to support your messaging and increase clinic engagement. Best of all, you can digitally share education with clients in the click of a button!

Not only do clients have access to the research-based educational articles and PDFs that are shared with them, they have access to the complete library of educational articles, recipes and interactive lessons! Here’s an example of the Nutrition Matters

Iron Foods for Children tear sheet transformed into an

educational article and PDF.

Learn how your agency can get access to ONE’s extensive library of evidence-based breastfeeding and nutrition education tools, lessons, and recipes!



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