Set of Breastfeeding Cards

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Set includes one pack of each of the Breastfeeding cards (total of 3 topics - Breastfeeding Plan, Breastfeed Early and Often and Breastfed Baby's First Month). 

Help a new mother, families and caregivers develop a breastfeeding plan that feels right for a mother and her baby, and learn how to make plenty of breastmilk during the first month that will make it easier to breastfeed for 6 months or longer. Discuss the reasons why formula should be avoided during the first month of breastfeeding. 

Cards - each pack includes 100 cards, each card is 4" x 9" and will fit into a WIC folder, #10 envelope or display case. Full color on both sides. Available in English and Spanish.  

These breastfeeding cards have helpful information written in a conversational format. 

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