Toddler Veggies

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Cards - each pack includes 100 cards, each card is 4" x 9" and will fit into a WIC folder, #10 envelope or display case. Full color on both sides. Available in English and Spanish. 

Help parents and caregivers of 1 to 2 year old toddlers learn to accept and love vegetables. Offer soft vegetables, mashed or chopped into small pieces that are easy for toddlers to chew. Add veggies to dishes, serve easy veggies on the side at mealtimes, and snack on soft veggies with a dip. Offer small amounts of vegetables at lunch and dinner. Ask the toddler to take a small bite, try the vegetable again later if they refuse it, and don't force or bribe the child to eat. This nutrition education card has helpful information written in a conversational format.

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Reading Level: Flesch Kincaid - 3.64; SMOG - 6.21