Set of Baby Purees and Finger Foods

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Set of tear sheets - each pad includes 50 sheets (one pad of 4 different Baby Purees and Finger Foods tear sheets are included in the set). 8 1/2" x 11", full color on both sides. Available in English and Spanish.

Baby's First Finger Foods covers 4 talking points - readiness for finger foods, infant feeding practices, safe finger food preparation and storage techniques of finger foods using fresh fruits and vegetables.  

Easy Purees features simple purees such as bananas, sweet potatoes, avocados, and carrots. Instructions on how to prepare purees is provided in three easy steps, along with pictures. 

Freeze Purees has easy instructions on making and freezing purees; how to warm and serve purees to a baby; safe preparation and storage techniques; and infant feeding practices. Make batches of baby purees and freeze for later meals. 

Using Extra Baby Food offers ideas and recipes using extra baby vegetable and fruit purees, and infant cereal in foods for an older baby or toddler. This sheet features more than 25 ideas on how to include baby vegetable and fruit purees in meals and snacks.  

One pad of 4 different sheets - Baby's First Finger Foods, Easy Purees, Freeze Purees, Using Extra Baby Food.


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