Eat Play Sleep Book: Steps to raising a healthy eater

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Teach parents and caregivers tips to create habits that curb picking eating with Eat, Play, Sleep!

Filled with helpful tips, kid-friendly recipes and family activities, this book gives parents and caregivers of picky eaters easy steps to raise a healthy eater. Offer families steps that will help them:

  • Eat nutritious meals together
  • Play & be active every day
  • Have regular nap & bedtimes routines

This book offers practical tips for evidence-based strategies to address parents' and caregivers' concerns related to 'picky eating', including: building routines, role modeling healthy habits and positive mealtime parenting. Families will love 8 meal and 20 kid-friendly snack ideas, along with a variety of playtime activities for preschool children. Colorful photographs of children eating, playing and sleeping encourage children, parents and caregivers to try healthy habits that can last a lifetime.

Book is 6" x 8.5" with 29 pages. Available in English and Spanish.

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Author: Cheryl Yarrington, RDN, MS, CD, CLE

© Nutrition Matters Inc.

Reading Level: Flesch Kincaid - 2.98 ; SMOG - 6.88  

ISBN 978-1-942530-24-4 English
ISBN 978-1-942530-25-1 Spanish