Set of WIC Food cards

WIC200 or WIC300
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Encourage families to obtain the maximum benefits from the WIC approved foods by using fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lower fat milk, yogurt, eggs and canned beans in meals and snacks. Each card offers at least seven easy, low cost ways to use WIC foods. ©Nutrition Matters Inc.  

One pack of each of the eleven cards - Fruits and Vegetables, Frozen Fruits and Vegetables, Dark Green Vegetables, Red and Orange Vegetables, Whole Grains, Whole Grain Tortillas, Brown Rice, Milk, Eggs, and Canned Beans and Yogurt. Each subject comes in a pack of 100 cards. 

These nutrition education cards have friendly, easy to understand information that families can use. Full color cards are printed on both sides. Each card is 4" x 9" and will fit into a WIC folder, envelope or display case. Available in English and Spanish.