Set of Baby Stages cards

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Set includes one pack of each of the Baby Stages cards (total of 5 topics - My First Three Months, I'm Three Months, I'm Six Months, I'm Nine Months and I'm Twelve Months). 

Cards - each pack includes 100 cards, each card is 4" x 9" and will fit into a WIC folder, #10 envelope or display case. Full color on both sides. Available in English and Spanish. 

Help families through this new stage with these helpful and practical cards!

Promote healthy habits for infants during their first year; breastfeed or use infant formula with iron for the first year; introduce solid foods around 6 month of age; practice with a cup and wean from the bottle at 12 months; and listen to your infant's signs of hunger and fullness. © Nutrition Matters Inc.